What are Real Estate Tracks?

We make it easy for you to give your Real Estate video the polish and atmosphere that your clients need. We curate and commission original music specifically for Real Estate promotional videos. Our music supervisors categorize the tracks into handy production packs so you can easily find a track that matches the character of your real estate. From Luxury Homes & Estates, Heritage Venues, Commercial Buildings, City Condos, Country Cottages to Family Homes, let our underscore elevate your real estate!

With a simple click, you can buy a production pack or a single track, and the license is embedded into your digital receipt at checkout and immediately a private download link is sent to your inbox. EASY!

What is the difference between this site and the Real Estate Tracks library?

Our library has our entire catalog, including unreleased tracks, alternate versions, and stems. Our home page is more like the showroom, where we showcase the featured production packs. There are many more tracks in our library not yet featured! And we add new tracks every month. You can search for property type, genre, instruments, and more. Once you are registered with the library, you can purchase individual tracks for $15 or subscribe annually for unlimited downloads. All purchases from the library include alternate versions and stems.

Can I edit/mix/render/re-master the music?

Yes, you can. We understand that you can’t always just put a track to video and have it work out perfectly. While our tracks are selected for their versatility, we are pleased to offer stems and alternate versions for each track as they come available.

We are working on being able to deliver you a Stem & Alt package with your original purchase direct to your inbox, but for now please email us at info@realestatetracks.com if you require anything. 

If you subscribe or purchase tracks from the library, they are automatically bundled with all stems and alternate versions. 

Can I listen before I buy? 

Yes! You can listen to individual tracks by clicking on the production packs or the full catalog. Each track has a 30 second preview, you can access it by just clicking on the name. If you want to scroll through an entire song, each production pack has a Soundcloud link embedded with full previews.

Do I have to buy a pack, can I get just one track?

If you just want to buy one or mix and match, you can review and purchase individual tracks from production packs by clicking on the “add to shopping cart” icon next to each track price.

*We do not offer any discount for buying multiple singles. We highly recommend buying a production pack or even the whole catalog if you start adding a bunch of singles to your cart! 

How do I pay?

All Credit Cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, Shop Pay.

Where can I find the license?

When you complete a purchase, you receive an order confirmation from Shopify with proof of purchase. Your license agreement is embedded in the “terms of service.” You can review your license agreement anytime after your purchase by clicking “view your order,” then click the terms of service at the bottom left of the invoice. 

What does the license cover?

With the proof of purchase (Shopify receipt) your license covers:  

How long is the term of the license?

Perpetuity. The license is valid as long as you are working within the terms of the agreement.

How many videos does my license cover?


Can I transfer my license?


Does my license cover a client who hires me for a video project?


Can I monetize my video on youtube?

Yes, as long as you paid for the song(s). Free songs obtained through promo codes will not be eligible for monetization. If you've paid for a track, you can email us at info@realestatetracks.com to request authorization to monetize. We will require a link to your video and a copy of your receipt. Eligible requests will be granted within 24 hours.

The Urban Smooth Jazz Pad - Vol I production pack is not eligible for monetization. 

Can we commission you for a custom track?

Yes, absolutely. Please contact us for quotes.

How do we contact Real Estate Tracks?

You can reach us by email at: info@realestatetracks.com.